A Centuries Long Romance – Interrupted!

Somehow, books and teachers have always gone hand in hand.  Probably because for centuries you couldn’t teach without books, and therefore they have become the essential necessity for all teachers.  Nowadays, teachers have so many different opportunities for teaching, and they do not necessarily require for teachers or students for that matter, to have books with them.

Why Insisting On Tradition?

iStock_000009723920XSmallStill, a lot of teachers will prefer having a material book with them or for of their students.  Being a teacher myself I know how difficult it must be for teachers to let go of material books and emerge themselves into this new experience of living in a technological era where everything is accessible, and information is much easier to obtain, but also in regards with the Internet these pieces of information which are available to us are often not as certain as when you get them from a book (if that makes sense).

Feeling Lost and Confused

In order for you to choose for a book for your students, there are several things you must take into consideration.  I would like to adhere to these questions in this text in order to help both inexperienced and experienced teachers alike, next time they find themselves in the position to choose a book for their students.  In order for you not to feel lost or confused next time you choose a book for your students, here’s what you have to have in mind.

  1. You Are Not Your Students!

OK, so you like this book. But who is this book for? From all the points and aspects of you as a teacher this book might be amazing, or perfect even.  Now think about your students for a moment.  Will they like this book?  Would they find it appealing?  Remember, you are not choosing a book according to your own personal preferences.  You are choosing to a book which will be a guideline for your students.  It will be there them when you are not.  It will answer their questions you cannot answer while they are at home, or they will use it to get pieces of information which they missed out on in class. This book should fulfill their needs.

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  1. How Organized Is It?

enhanced-buzz-31506-1376061197-19It is very important for a book to be well organized.  Even though, you might not be well organized, or your students might not be well organized, it is really important that the book offers stability, organization, and proper information.

  1. Get A Feedback (If Possible)

teacherIf it is possible for you to get a feedback of either your students, or somebody else’s students on this particular book, you will do yourself an immense favor. Namely, you will be able to get a real opinion, instead of having to suppose what the students’ reaction to this book would be like.